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Debut album, "lorem ipsum," was released on January 26, 2024 and is available on  all streaming platforms, and on vinyl through Bandcamp, including distribution within Europe (supply very limited).

"This is like a soundtrack to a Werner Herzog film...
...truly an amazing work of art."
 — Grzegorz Kwiatkowski of Trupa Trupa

lorem ipsum is latin dummy text used throughout the graphic design industry. It is placeholder text that is essentially meaningless. A fitting title for an album crafted during these turbulent times. However, the music is emotionally heartfelt and dynamic, created with a deep desire to connect the listener to something very meaningful indeed. 

The live component of xkl features accompanying avant-garde and experimental films from the first half of the 20th century, which in some cases inspired the compositions on lorem ipsum.


"Low-key, trippy, and FANTASTIC!"
   — Steve Manley, owner B-Side Records, Madison, WI

Promotional clip no. 1 for lorem ipsum.

Track: intermission

Film: Rene Clair's 1924 Entr'acte; obtained through

Promotional clip no. 2 for lorem ipsum.

Track: schiele

Film: Hans Richter's 1926 Filmstudie; obtained through

Promotional clip no. 3 for lorem ipsum. Features Dadaist mashup.

Track: unguided

Film obtained through

Promotional clip no. 4 for lorem ipsum.

Track: lune

Features obscure animation from (Obtained from

Promotional clip no. 5 for lorem ipsum.

Track: lichtspiel

Film: Walter Ruttmann's 1924 Lichtspiel Opus III.; obtained through

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