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Air Pressure


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ten thousand lakes (xkl) are Steven Larsen (stringed and electronic instruments and noises) and Peter Bruhn (percussive and electronic instruments and noises).


Their influences are numerous, and not limited to music alone. Visual art, film, dance, poetry, and literature all inform their approach to creativity, as do formative years performing in a European-based shoegaze band and an indie-rock band in the upper Midwest. In 2021 they founded "the bakery" as their creative space for musical exploration and recording. What has resulted is lorem ipsum, a collection of musical pieces inspired by these ingredients.


The live component of xkl features accompanying avant-garde and experimental films from the first half of the 20th century, which in some cases inspired the compositions on lorem ipsum.


Additionally, xkl has embraced opportunities to collaborate with visual artists, blending striking visuals with original music. These pieces have been featured online and in galleries throughout Minneapolis.

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