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Blurry Lights


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Several opportunities to work with other talented artists have emerged, and continue to present themselves. xkl welcomes these collaborations, and will be adding more projects as they are completed.


Sculptures and concept by Minneapolis-based artist Cynthia Berger. Directed by Jason Spafford. Featuring xkl piece, "61 angels,"  this film will be part of a group show at Rosalux Gallery in South Minneapolis, December, 2023.

posted 11.2023

John Schuerman, "Banana Dance"
"A 60 year-old amateur performs his first dance based on poses inspired by dried banana peels."

Original music accompanying Minneapolis-based artist John Schuerman's piece featured in art exhibition entitled "Grounded," at the Inez Greenberg Gallery, Bloomington, MN, 2022.

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